Electric scooter conversion. 2012.

Design, extensive metal fabrication, electronics design & assembly.

I found the scooter (Xootr Mg) on CraigsList. It was in great condition, but I decided it could use a new attitude...

So I began designing some upgrades.

I located all the necessary components.

I milled and sawed down the magnesium deck at my local TechShop in Menlo Park. 

I sawed, lathed, and bored cylindrical steel bar stock & teflon washers for the new rear axle, fork, and drivetrain.

I press-fit some bearings.

I pickled (removed galvanized coating with acid) steel angle-profile stock; sawed to size, ground-down burrs, welded the steel as a motor mount & battery-support frame, and did more grinding.

I sand-blasted and powder-coated the fabricated steel and much existing aluminum with a gloss black coating for a sleek and protective new finish.

I mounted the frame, axle, drivetrain + motor, and wired up the speed controller, throttle, and braking kill-switch.

I charged the 12V 18Ah SLA batteries, strapped them in, and took it for a spin...

It was insane.

I could hit almost 30MPH on flat asphalt, but the intense vibration rattling through the scooter from the stock high-durometer urethane wheels was a bit unnerving.

Next I will upgrade the wheels to air-filled rubber tires, and install a spring-suspension front fork.